Exciting new screens to add to the range February 20 2021

New Screen types to add to the range, due soon.

Special Delivery Due February 25 2015

New delivery of our most popular screen size due 6th March. We will also have an additional colour in black, in two most popular screen sizes 4&6ft x 50ft.

Thank you for your patience.



Where do Christmas Trees come from? December 09 2014

The hard work behind the seasons necessity!

Due to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, Ireland’s mild, temperate climate and relatively high rainfall provides the ideal environment for tree growth. - See more at:



Back garden toy for all ages September 25 2014


Own back garden that proves a kids dream,


Example of product in use. August 22 2014

Here privacy was need from an elevated property. In a matter of minutes this was installed to make garden private. Plan is to add plants and shrubs to the bank and screen will serve as a nice backdrop.

Open for business September 15th. August 06 2014

Welcome to Fence Screens Ireland, and thanks for visiting. Shop is due to open in the coming weeks, we are just putting the final touches together. We are excited about opening, so see you very soon.